Ireland has been named one of the least corrupt countries in the world

Ireland has been named one of the least corrupt countries in the world, ranking 10th in Transparency International’s 2022 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI).

Ireland Corruption Index

This is the first time the country has been in the top 10 in the index, which was first published in 1995. Ireland scored 77 points out of 100, ahead of Australia (13th place), Canada (14th), and the UK (20th). The CPI combines data from 13 sources, including the Economist Intelligence and the World Economic Forum, to measure corruption in the public sector. Denmark was ranked first with a score of 90, while Somalia, Syria, and Sudan were last with 12, 13, and 13 points respectively.

According to John Davitt, Chief Executive of Transparency International Ireland, this can be attributed to the absence of major corruption-related scandals and the implementation of laws on whistleblowing, lobbying regulation, and anti-corruption. He also noted that Western Europe and the European Union had the best record on the index, with Denmark being the country with the least public corruption.

However, Davitt emphasized the importance of continued efforts to maintain and improve the country’s standing, as well as to address any potential issues before they become larger problems. He said, “It’s a recognition of the work that’s been done, but also an encouragement to keep up the good work.”

The ranking also offers a valuable opportunity for Ireland to showcase its achievements in curbing corruption to the world, which can have a positive impact on the country’s economy and its reputation as a place to do business. A corruption-free public sector can also encourage investment and create a more level playing field for businesses of all sizes, leading to job creation and economic growth.

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