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About Us

The idea and model evolved from our founder’s propitiatory software and experience as a creator and mentor of Irish diaspora networks. In 2021 research projects began in earnest and the outcomes rang loud and clear, a solution was needed to help bring together the Irish wherever we are to foster and grow our networks and  business opportunities. 

We Are Global Irish was created to foster opportunities to and from the Island of Ireland, among the Irish abroad and those who identify with Irish heritage over the generations. We connect with and help brand Irish and Diaspora products, services, sports, education, cultural and tourism organisations across the globe. In an increasingly interconnected world, the power of networking and community cannot be overstated. For Irish businesses, organizations, and individuals seeking to expand their horizons beyond borders, “We Are Global Irish” emerges as an indispensable platform. A beacon of opportunity, this initiative serves as a gateway to a vibrant and far-reaching community of Irish connections on a global scale.

For Irish businesses, the promise of We Are Global Irish is unparalleled. The platform transcends local markets, providing a springboard to showcase products and services on an international stage. Whether you’re a startup seeking investors, an established enterprise scouting new markets, or a small business hoping to establish global partnerships, the platform offers a hub where aspirations can find their wings.

A single root with global reach.

Irish people and culture have spread across the world. Irish families put down roots in every corner of the globe. They made friends, had families, and passed their culture on to their children, and their children’s children. Lives were lost to the famine and to severe hardship when they landed on foreign shores. Despite the hardships, they persevered, worked hard, started businesses, and left their mark wherever they settled. At We Are Global Irish, we help foster relationships to honor and benefit those roots.

Our Approach

Our approach is centered around providing tailored business development solutions to international Irish businesses and those looking to expand their reach to new markets.  Our team of experienced consultants works closely with each client to understand their unique needs and challenges and develop customized strategies to their specific circumstances. We believe effective business development requires a comprehensive understanding of the local market and cultural nuances, which is why we maintain a strong presence in key international locations. Our goal is to help our clients maximize their potential and achieve sustainable growth by providing the support and expertise they need to succeed in a rapidly changing global landscape.

Our Values


Celebrating and supporting the global Irish community is a vital part of our core values. We take immense pride in fostering connections, providing resources, and creating opportunities that empower the Irish diaspora worldwide. Whether it's through cultural initiatives, or meaningful collaborations, we're dedicated to nurturing a strong sense of belonging and solidarity among Irish individuals and organizations around the globe. Join us in championing the spirit of the Irish wherever they may be, as we work together to create a united and vibrant global community that thrives on shared heritage, values, and aspirations.


Integrity is the cornerstone of our identity. Guided by unwavering ethical principles, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of honesty, transparency, and accountability. Our commitment is embedded in every interaction, product, and service we offer. We believe in doing what's right, even when no one is watching, and in fostering an environment of trust and respect with our clients, partners, and team members. Join us in building a foundation of unwavering integrity, where actions truly speak louder than words, and where we uphold our promise to operate with authenticity and sincerity. and to help each other grow.


It's a way of life and rooted in our core values. We are dedicated to the relentless pursuit of excellence in everything we do. . Our commitment to excellence is woven into every aspect of our business, driving us to continually raise the bar and set new standards for quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Experience the difference that our unwavering dedication to excellence brings, as we redefine possibilities and strive for nothing less than the extraordinary.

Get To Know Us Better

Jackie Gilna
Founder and CEO


With a career spanning three decades, Jacqueline (Jackie) Gilna stands as a passionate, award-winning leader and entrepreneur.  Her expertise encompasses diverse sectors, showcasing exceptional leadership and abilities in navigating government, commercial, private, and non-profit sectors across international landscapes.

Jackie’s forte lies in orchestrating and leading multi-lingual, international teams, fostering collaboration and achieving collective objectives with finesse. Her unwavering dedication to Ireland is evident through her pivotal role in conceiving, mentoring, and nurturing Irish Diaspora networks. These networks, under her guidance, have served as catalysts for community upliftment and progress, fostering a sense of unity and purpose among dispersed communities.

Recognized for her unparalleled contributions, Jackie stands nominated for the Presidential Distinguished Service Award for the Irish Abroad, a testament to her unwavering commitment and exceptional service. Her influence extends beyond accolades; Jackie has been an advocate for cross-cultural trade relations, presenting her insights and expertise to the Oireachtas, further solidifying her reputation as a thought leader in fostering international partnerships.

Her entrepreneurial spirit and innovative acumen have been instrumental in driving transformative change, leveraging her wealth of experience to spearhead initiatives aimed at uplifting communities through extensive networks and strategic collaborations. Jackie remains a dynamic force at the forefront of progress, navigating the complexities of today’s interconnected world with visionary leadership and an unwavering commitment to creating a positive impact.

In every endeavor, Jackie  continues to embody the values of leadership, innovation, and community upliftment, leaving an indelible mark on the global stage through her relentless pursuit of driving meaningful and sustainable progress.

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