Ireland in Canada Podcast

Today we discovered The Irish in Canada Podcast in Canada podcast and had to share it. The podcast is a deep dive into the lives of Irish emigrants to Canada, specifically around the Montreal area. Hosted by Dr. Jane G. V. McGaughey, PhD, the Johnson Chair of Québec and Canadian Irish Studies Diaspora Studies,School of Irish Studies at Concordia.

Dr. McGaughey’s research interests include the Irish Diaspora in Canada, Newfoundland, America, and Britain, the Orange Order’s construction of public masculinities, and various portrayals of Ireland and the Irish abroad in popular culture.

Her current research focuses on representations of Irish masculinities and violence in Lower and Upper Canada between 1798 and 1849.  This project has been funded by a Fonds de Recherche Société et Culture grant from the Quebec government.

She also is interested in post-Celtic Tiger migration to Canada and its historical parallels, representations of Irish gender and sexuality in North American history and popular culture, and the contemporary cultural geography of “Irishness” in Canada.

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