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Starting Your Business

Expert consultation services to help  businesses on the Island of Ireland and across the diaspora  expand and reach  new markets.

Growing Your Business

Connect with Irish people across the world, find opportunities, increase your network, and grow your business.

Sustaining Your Business

Join millions of people across the world connected by one common culture. Foster long term relationships and build a sustainable business.


Global Irish diaspora

Our proprietary technologies, curated database, digital resources, and professional services, focus on helping your business develop new relationships opening doors to new markets while reducing carbon emissions. We help you you develop a winning plan to reach diaspora markets. Help us all to grow our opportunities and networks. Join today!

Global Directory

Our platform connects Irish businesses across the globe directly and purposefully. It is tailor-made to cater to the unique needs of businesses that embody the essence of Irish identity and those who connect with Irish heritage seeking to, or, operating on a global scale. At We Are Global Irish you'll find a community that speaks your language, understands your challenges, and celebrates your successes. Embrace a space where your distinctiveness is celebrated, your aspirations are amplified, and your journey as a global Irish business is met with unparalleled support and camaraderie.. Join us today !

Unlock Exclusive Benefits

As a member of, you gain exclusive access to a world of privileges designed to enhance your Irish and global experience. Our tailored member benefits are a testament to our commitment to our Irish community, offering unique advantages that span continents. We offer specialized resources that cater to your business aspirations,- and a few personal ones too! We're dedicated to amplifying the value of your membership. Join us and harness the power of exclusive benefits that elevate your Irish identity while propelling your global ambitions forward. Join now!

Working With Clients From A Wide Variety Of Industries

We’ve established relationships with many global businesses across a wide range of industries. From finance to hospitality, government to local business, our network connects Irish culture with commerce.

A Virtual Gateway Into A thriving Worldwide Irish Network

In a world where connections transcend borders and opportunities are boundless, We Are Global Irish stands as an emblem of unity and growth. For Irish businesses and individuals with aspirations that know no limits, this platform is a beacon that illuminates pathways to global success. Whether you’re looking to expand your business, collaborate across oceans, explore diverse cultures, or elevate personal growth, We Are Global Irish offers a virtual realm where dreams evolve into realities. Embrace the power of community, and let this gateway usher you into a thriving worldwide Irish network.

Why Choose Us?

Solid experience

Our Irish roots are coupled with a wealth of international experience. This unique blend enriches everything we do, infusing our work with a deep understanding of local heritage and a global perspective. Our team's diverse backgrounds enable us to navigate seamlessly between cultures, leveraging insights from around the world to create innovative solutions. Whether you're looking to expand your business horizons or tap into the global market, our Irish and international experience ensures that you have a partner who can navigate the intricacies of both local nuances and international trends,

Communications expertise

We recognize the immense value of communication within the global network of Irish businesses. Our platform serves as a dynamic hub that facilitates meaningful connections, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas among Irish enterprises across the world. By fostering open dialogue and sharing insights, we aim to strengthen the bonds that drive innovation, growth, and mutual success. Join us in harnessing the power of communication to bridge distances, break down barriers, and create a thriving ecosystem where Irish businesses can flourish on the global stage.

Professional Team

We seamlessly integrate our rich Irish heritage with extensive international experience. This fusion empowers us with a comprehensive understanding of both local traditions and global dynamics. We bring you the best of both worlds, offering insights that resonate locally and strategies that succeed globally. With our unique perspective, we navigate complexities effortlessly, ensuring your journey towards success is guided by a wealth of diverse wisdom.

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